How Vivid is Your Imagination?

When was the last time you just sat and daydreamed? If you answered 5th grade math class, then we need to talk. Our imagination is the key to creating our reality; and exercising our imagination “muscle”, namely the right brain, is the key to keeping a vivid and active imagination. If you think of your imagination as the tool to create your life, much as your hedge clippers are the tool that you use to keep your yard beautiful, then you can pose the question, “Is it better for my tool to be sharp or dull?, well oiled or rusty?, large and powerful enough for the the job or small and requiring great effort to prune large limbs? Very quickly, you can see how important it is to exercise your imagination regularly.

So how can we do this in this frenetic world of work, family, home, and community? Meditation is the the simplest way and because it comes with mental and physical health benefits, I call it a threefer, a three in one benefit. Anytime you can get a threefer out of one activity, you have met the criteria of sustainable living! With our imagination, we see ourselves as we wish to be. The more time we spend visualizing what we wish to be, the clearer the picture becomes. We experience the emotions associated with achievement of our dreams and we form the neural connections necessary to move our bodies in that direction.

Imagination created every single scientific breakthrough know to man, even the serendipitous ones. Imagination is how astronauts and fighter pilots train for their jobs, how young people become President of the United States, and how you and I have created our careers, families, and the world around us. The problem is when our imagination is left to run on autopilot and gravitates toward negative thoughts based on past experiences or fear based worries about the future. Through meditation, we are consciously  choosing how and what our imagination will create.

There are many forms of meditation that we can use. Some are static, mostly sitting, and focusing on a single point in the body (the third eye) or a single question (Who am I?). There are moving meditations, such as Tai Chi, trance dancing, or Brain Wave Vibration. The key is to bring the brain to a place of stillness, zero point, where there is no thought. From that place emerges our purest consciousness, full of hope and purpose, and devoid of negative self talk that steals our energy and conviction.

Wishing you the imagination of a child!


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