Morning Awakenings


This entry was made in September 2013 and inadvertently went unpublished until today.


So….now we have completed our first couple of weeks at the new homesite and after taking care of the few surprises always presented when you first move in, I’ve taken on painting the interior living spaces and we have had our first big property clean up. The summer has been hot and dry and for two days prior to the clean up we had a long steady rain followed by two sunny, cooler, and breezy days. The burn ban was lifted  in time to let us get all the debris burned and now I’ll start preparing my beds for the fall/winter vegetable garden using the ash and my container dirt  that I used for my mobile and temporary garden from this summer.



First and Best

Everything has led up to this

From now I choose my suffering

I have always chosen my suffering

burden or blessing, poverty or abundance,

what is important here is not the information, all of the great masters have said the same, but the visceral realization that I personally experienced, with tears rolling down my face and the lake breeze drying them.


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