So Your Brain Didn’t Come With An Owner’s Manual?

Why is it that the most important organ we have is the least understood? Why do we pay so much attention to how much we weigh, how we look, what our cholesterol is, how high our blood pressure is….but we never ask how the organ that determines all of these things is doing? The time for us to understand our brains has come.

You may hear all sorts of words and  phrases like “become the watcher” or “enlightenment”, but these terms tend to mystify us and in some cases threaten ingrained belief systems that we haven’t let go of yet. I think a more practical approach is to simply engage our bodies and minds in healthful activities that allow us to experience the true magnificence of this 3 pound structure we carry on the top of our necks.

Through mind body training we can learn about how our brains work, what might not be working well for us, and what we can do about it! I hope you enjoy these pages and find them helpful on your journey to better understand yourself.



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